Who had a Chinese bath house?

Rittergut Untschen (c) Museum Burg Posterstein
Rittergut Untschen (c) Museum Burg Posterstein

In the 18th century Untschen manor was owned by the minister Hans Wilhelm von Thümmel, who made his mark in the Duchy of Saxony-Gotha-Altenburg by founding one of the first banks, developing road building as well as land surveying. In 1796 he opened the guesthouse “The Golden Dragon” in Untschen, although that was against the next bigger city Schmölln’s laws on fringe area. On the south side of the street, the manor’s brewery was placed in a hop garden. To the manor’s lands belonged a number of lakes, too. Aesthete Thümmel established a project on floating of timber in Untschen as well. Close to the floating lake and the mill he had a Chinese bath house build in 1796. It was called the “temple of Untschen”.

The about 800 year old manor was disappropriated with the land reform in 1945. During the next years a big farm building (1945) and the brewery and the brickyard (1960s) were pulled down. A former administration building served as a guest house up to the 1980s and a former horse stable today rooms a small shop.

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Aus der Geschichte der Rittergüter im Altenburger Land (Teil II)
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Text: Marlene Hofmann / Museum Burg Posterstein