Not only Nobitz airport is struggling for its bare existence

Rittergut Nobitz, (c) Museum Burg Posterstein
Rittergut Nobitz, (c) Museum Burg Posterstein

Not only Nobitz airport ( is struggling for its bare existence: Also the by far older manor Nobitz has nearly disappeared during the last 65 years.

The former moat was mentioned for the first time in the 12th century. In succession of the land reform in 1945, the owners had their manor expropriated and the land was divided.  In 1946 there still were damages through the Red Army. In 1948 the outbuildings and the new manor house were pulled down. That’s why there are so few buildings remaining today. Besides the stronghold lake with a little island, the old manor house from 1842 is still left. Today it serves as administration building for Nobitz municipality.

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Das alte Schloss sehn wir noch heut…
Aus der Geschichte der Rittergüter im Altenburger Land (Teil II)
© Museum Burg Posterstein 2010

…Und nachmittags fuhren wir nach Nöbdenitz segeln!
Rittergüter im Altenburger Land und ihre Gärten
© Museum Burg Posterstein 2007

(c) Marlene Hofmann / Museum Burg Posterstein