Who had feasts in the middle of a lake?

(c) Burg Posterstein: Lake Haselbach today
(c) Burg Posterstein: Lake Haselbach today

From 1750 special parties were hold in Haselbach: Jakob Friedrich Freiherr von Bielefeld (died 1770), at that time owner of the manor Haselbach, obviously was a man who enjoyed life and arts. He had a preference for having feasts in the middle of a lake. To do this, he had a big raft built, where there was space enough for a table and around 30 people could have a seat and eat. Additionally he had rafts for musicians and waiters as well. The waiters had to transport food and drinks by boat.

The former manor house (called “House with a stork’s nest”) dates back to 1755 and was later modified. To the manor belonged a range of lakes (Haselbach lakes): The Nobitz Lake with a small island, the Backhaus Lake, the Käsebank Lake, the Dorothy Lake, the so-called lake with island and the Bee Lake, the Stretch Lake, the Shield Lake, the Women’s Lake, the Slice Lake, the Soaphole Lake and the New Lake (most of the names directly translated from German). With the East German land reform in 1945 the manor’s owners were expropriated. In the consequence the manor house and the farm buildings were pulled down. Today the farm’s buildings are strongly influenced by that time.

View the about 60 manors of the county of Altenburg on our google map: http://tiny.cc/o27p6.

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Das alte Schloss sehn wir noch heut…
Aus der Geschichte der Rittergüter im Altenburger Land (Teil II)
© Museum Burg Posterstein 2010

…Und nachmittags fuhren wir nach Nöbdenitz segeln!
Rittergüter im Altenburger Land und ihre Gärten
© Museum Burg Posterstein 2007

Text: Marlene Hofmann / Museum Burg Posterstein

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