The muses’ place in Romschütz

(c) Museum Burg Posterstein: Romschütz
(c) Museum Burg Posterstein: Romschütz

Johann Friedrich I. Bachoff von Echt, since 1700 owner of the Romschütz manor, let construct a baroque pleasure garden in 1712. Admirers describe him as a „man of seldom supremeness of mind and heart“. He let construct an alley that lead from the castle to the so-called “Parnass”-mountain. From the richly decorated rococo hall guests could enjoy a great view over the garden with water basin all the way to the top of the hill. This hill got its name after the second highest mountain in Greece. The over 2000 meter high Parnass mountain is in the Greece mythology considered as the seat of the god Apollo and the muses – a place, where nature, culture and legend meet. In the middle of the 18th century a pavilion in Chinese style stood on the top of the hill in Romschütz.

The Romschütz manor, an earlier medieval mouted castle, was mentioned for the first time in the 13th century. The manor house dates back to the year 1712. The rests of the mouted castle were declared a listed monument in 1960. In 1972 the castle was pulled down and the stronghold lake was filled with the boulder. The economic buildings are still preserved.

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Das alte Schloss sehn wir noch heut…
Aus der Geschichte der Rittergüter im Altenburger Land (Teil II)
© Museum Burg Posterstein 2010

…Und nachmittags fuhren wir nach Nöbdenitz segeln!
Rittergüter im Altenburger Land und ihre Gärten
© Museum Burg Posterstein 2007

Text: Marlene Hofmann / Museum Burg Posterstein

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